When my daughter was attending daycare I struggled to find the perfect container for her daily lunch. That's when my husband said - design your own! And so we did just that!

Our patent pending plate has 4 sections to hold 4 of the 5 food groups - veggies, grains, proteins and fruits. The 5th food group - dairy - is your child's glass of milk. What's unique about the Kid plate by Nalaire is that not only does it have 4 sections and a lid for easy storage, but the 4th section for the fruits is removable. You can remove the fruits, warm the food and place the fruit section back in and serve it to the child. 

The Kid plate is perfect for daycares or for home. It's a valuable tool for children to learn what a balanced & nutritious meal should be. Babysitter and grandparents will LOVE finding a portioned dinner ready in the fridge.  

We feel so passionately about healthy eating for families that we will donate a portion of every plate sold to feed children in the USA. Every child deserves to have a nutritious lunch. Help us Spread the Health!

Balanced Plates for a Balanced Life. 

Justina & Kevin